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Kordes Roses

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Explore our premier selection of Kordes Roses, renowned globally for their exceptional disease resistance and stunning beauty. Whether you’re enhancing your home garden or selecting a gift, our collection of Kordes Roses offers unparalleled quality and variety. Choose from an array of colors and forms, including vibrant climbers, elegant shrubs, and charming floribundas, each bred for optimal health and visual appeal.

Our Kordes Roses are celebrated for their robustness and minimal need for chemical treatments, making them a favorite among both novice and experienced gardeners. With traits like repeat flowering and award-winning aromas, these roses not only beautify your garden but also create a fragrant oasis.

Some of the standout varieties in our collection include the strikingly beautiful ‘Cherry Bomb’, the delicate ‘Coconut Ice’, and the robust ‘Crimson Siluetta – Climbing’. Additionally, the ‘Delightful Parfuma’ offers a captivating fragrance, while ‘Earth Angel’ enchants with its ethereal blooms.

You’ll also find ‘Fruity Parfuma’ with its irresistible scent, ‘Golden Beauty’ for its radiant flowers, and the vigorous ‘Golden Gate – Climbing’. For those looking for something truly unique, consider the enchanting ‘Jasmina – Climbing’, known for its prolific blooms.

You’ll find only the finest Kordes Roses at our store, carefully selected to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and sustainability. We pride ourselves on offering one of Australia’s most comprehensive online selections of Kordes Roses, featuring top varieties known for their resilience and breathtaking blooms.

Looking specifically for a type of Kordes Rose? Check out our detailed sections on climbing roses, shrub roses, and more, each tailored to help you find the perfect rose for your garden’s needs.